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The Martial Arts Academy
School Management System Redesign
Business Case
Group 3
Prepared By: Group 3
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Date: August 2014
TOC \o "1-3" 1Project Team3
2Project Description3
3Measureable Organizational Value (MOV)4
3.1Area of Impact4
3.2Desired value of IT project4
3.3value metric4
3.4time frame4
4Comparison of alternatives5
4.1Advantages and disadvantages5
4.2Estimated cost6
4.3Expected benefits6
Project TeamPhil Martinez
Robert Martinez
Russell Lee
Shaunna Pentice
Tanesha Lay
Tyrone Bryant
Project Description
The Material Arts Academy (MAA) has a need to come up with a system that will be used to track when student attended classes and the status of each student. By keeping track of the student’s status MAA can determine when the next test can be given. If the student passes the test he or she will earn their next rank (belt color). Currently the students and teachers use index cards and paper clips as their tracking system. This system is prone to errors. A teacher may forget to flag the index card, with a paper clip when a student has met the necessary requirements to take a test. On the student side they may forget to take their card to class for the instructors initials. At the end of each class the black belt instructor should initial the card on the date a student attended a class. After 8 classes the instructor places a paper clip on the card to let the Academy know the student can now take the test for his or her next rank. The intent of this project is to improve MAA’s student roll taking and testing processes. Measureable Organizational Value (MOV)The MAA System will result in a minimum of 24 new customers within the first year of its operation. Area of ImpactOperationally, effectiveness can be increased allowing for staff to focus on the business; chiefly focusing on client retention efforts. Better client retention will translate to increased profits....
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