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Appendix A: Business Plan Template

Title Page

Best Deal Haircuts
February 19, 2009
Ronald L. Eaton
Owner and Manager

Table of Contents

A1. Business Identification3
A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives3
A3. Keys to Success3
B1. Industry History5
B2. Legal Form of Ownership6
B3. Location and Facilities7
C1: Target Market9
C2: Industry Analysis11
C3: Competitive Analysis12
D1: 4Ps. Discuss the pricing, product, promotion and distribution of your product13 D2: Price List15
F2. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement (Month by month for 1st 12 months)–26 F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet-27
G1. Financial Projections (1-2 pages)- Summarize the financial projections and the assumption used in estimating the projections in section F.27 G1a- Breakeven Point27

A. Executive Summary-(1-2 pages) - A brief synopsis highlighting the key facts, issues, and conclusions.

A1. Business Identification: Include the business name and location, a brief summary of the business concepts and the purpose of the business plan.

Best Deal Haircuts in located in Chattanooga Tennessee. Best Deal Haircuts is dedicated to providing haircutting services to individuals who are too busy, or just plain unable to travel for a haircut. Currently, there isn't a mobile service provider in Chattanooga Tennessee. The people of Chattanooga value their free time and expect service providers to be flexible in accommodating the scheduling needs of the customer. My target is sick of waiting in long lines to receive a haircut. My target market doesn't have time to drive all over town hoping to find a qualified haircutter. Chattanooga Tennessee is ready for a mobile haircutting service. Chattanooga Tennessee is ready for Best Deal Haircuts.

A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives: Explain the goals and objectives you have outlined for your company.

Our mission is to provide professional mobile haircutting services to individuals who lack the time or transportation to visit a barbershop or salon. Our goal is to target individuals who are most in need of our services. Our mobile haircutting service will target customers who are immobile, such as residents living in nursing homes, business professional who are too busy to leave work for a haircut, residential customers who are very busy and would like to receive a quality haircut in the comfort of their homes, and families needing a haircutter for a deceased relative or love one. Our objective is for this market to know who we are and for them to allow us to service their haircutting needs. We will achieve this objective through aggressive advertising, providing professional dependable service, and word of mouth.

A3. Keys to Success: Include what you think will be your 3 main keys to success in the new operation.

The keys to success are:

1. Our mobile haircutting service must be dependable. We must show up when promised. If we develop a reputation for showing up late for appointments, the consumer will cease to hire us.

2. We must produce professional looking haircuts. Its great to show up when promised, but it defeats the purpose if the customer isn't happy with the haircut. Best Deal Haircuts will strive to satisfy the customer 100% of the time.

3. Our company must achieve name recognition in the Chattanooga market. We can't do business if customers don't know we exist. We will spend $2000.00 annually promoting our services and image. We will also use direct selling for markets, such as nursing homes, that are less sensitive to advertising.

B- Company Summary-(4-6 pages). Describe the history of the origins of your business.

B1. Industry History: Describe the industry in which the business will operate.

Best Deal Haircuts will operate in the highly...
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