Business Buying Process

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I— Introduction

The business market is comprised of organizations that, in some form, are involved in the manufacturer, distribution or support of products or services sold or otherwise provided to other organizations. The amount of purchasing undertaken in the business market easily dwarfs the total spending by consumers. Because the business market is so large it draws the interest of millions of companies worldwide that market exclusively to business customers. For these marketers understanding how businesses make purchase decisions is critical to their organizations’ marketing efforts. CarGroomers, Limited follows the business buying process, the same five-step buying process faced by consumers: 1. Need Recognition

2. Search
3. Evaluate Options
4. Purchase
5. After-Purchase Evaluation.
Need Recognition
The company’s goal is to build a strong relationship with their customers by giving them what they want for total self expression in their respective cars, which made their customers feel important. This is why CarGroomers, Limited has chosen to invest in in-house training and retention for their employees. As a result, the company has become one of the most stable and customer-oriented employees to serve their daily customers. Besides building strong relationships with their customers, CarGroomers, Limited has written policies to encourage open communication between employees and managers. The working relationship helps to motivate the employees to be more efficient in performing the job duties. Search

The search for alternatives to consider as potential solutions to recognized needs is one of the most significant differences between consumer and business purchasing. The primary intention of CarGroomers, Limited search efforts is to identify multiple suppliers who meet product specifications and then, through a screening process, offer a selected group the opportunity to present their products to members of the Buying Center.

For suppliers, the key to this step of the purchase process is to make sure that CarGroomers, Limited is included within the search activities of the Buyer or others in the Buying Center. In some instances this may require that a supplier work to be included within an approved suppliers list. In the case of online marketplaces and auction sites, suppliers should work to be included within relevant sites Evaluate Option

Once the search has produced options, CarGroomers, Limited may then choose among the alternatives. In more advanced purchase situations, CarGroomers, Limited may evaluate each option using a checklist of features and benefits sought by the buyer. Each feature or benefit is assigned a weight that corresponds to its importance to the purchase decision. Purchase

To actually place the order may require the completion of paperwork (or electronic documents) such as a purchase order. Acquiring the necessary approvals can delay the order for an extended period of time. And for very large purchases, CarGroomers, Limited may need to explore. CarGroomers, Limited has sufficient stocks to serve the needs of its clients especially during peak seasons. After-Purchase Evaluation

After the order is received by CarGroomers, Limited, they may spend time reviewing the results of the purchase. This may involve the discussing product performance issues with Users. If the product is well received it may end up moving to a straight re-purchase status thus eliminating much of the evaluation process on future purchases.

Company Profile

What makes this all pleasantly revolutionizing is the gratifying waiting process CarGroomers, Limited has specially prepared for customers a relaxing Wi-Fi enabled Blue Lounge, where free drinks are served, the programs featured, stunning and the people are all accommodating. To complete the feel inside the shop, Mirpuri even hooked with up a live stream digital transceiver from Buddha Bar Lounges across the globe that...
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