Business Behavior - Module 4

Topics: Employee benefit, Employment, 1978 albums Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Alexander K Penrod
Module 4

Chapter 9
1. I think that by changing Superior’s time off policy, it will allow employees to schedule their time off, which will decrease unscheduled time off.

2. One benefit it will allow is for more flexibility in vacation time and sick days for their employees.

3. Employees could still call-in at the last minute (which in turn will make them run out of days to use) or they may even take a day off where they just don’t “want to work.”

Chapter 10
1. Discuss the basic concept of insurance. How does this concept apply to health care? The concept of insurance is based on spreading the risks; it does not necessarily mean the risk will happen but chances are that it might happen. The concept is on taking your individual risks and spreading them among many people so that if they do happen, you will get covered. The concept applies to health in the sense that there is no guarantee for the future and accidents do occur and it covers the events of "what if" and covers the occurrence of any health issue.

Chapter 11
1. Except for the Family and Medical Leave Act, the remaining legally required benefits were conceived decades ago. What
changes in the business environment and society might affect the relevance or perhaps the viability of any of these benefits? Discuss your ideas.

2. Provide your reaction to the statement, “Employee benefits is seen by employees as an entitlement for their membership in
companies.” Explain the rationale for your reaction.

I believe that the benefits are an important incentive for hard work, commitment and great behavior, but they are not entitled to it. I believe the entitlement comes from a wide range of employees; they could be complaining about having to report to work early or late, demanding perks and all changes within the workplace.
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