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Q # 1: Describe three different roles of a manager; what skills are essential to perform these roles? Answer: Before the studying the roles of the manager we must know that what is manger? “Manager is the one who achieve the goals of the organization through other people”. ROLES OF A MANAGER:

There are the three important and essentials roles, which manger performs within the organization for achieving the organizational goals, in which the first one is; oINTERPERSONAL ROLE:
Interpersonal role are roles that involve people (subordinates and persons outside the organization) and other duties that are ceremonial and symbolic in nature. The three interpersonal roles include being a figurehead, leader, and liaison.

Figure Head:
Manger plays the symbolic role in the organization for the staff or others, and also performs the number of legal and social duties for the organization.

As a leader manager builds the relationship with employees and communicate with, motivates and coaches with them, and also organizes the training session for the employees to work better.

The liaison maintains a network and coordinates with people and groups both inside and outside the organization to obtain information.

The second important role is;

Informational role associated with the tasks needed to obtain and transmit information in the process of managing the organization. The three important informational roles are monitor, disseminator and spokesperson.

The monitor seeks and analyzes the information from both the internal and external environment about issues that can affect the organization.

The disseminator transmits information internally that is obtained from either internal or external sources to influence the attitudes and behavior of employees.

The spokesperson using information to positively influence the way people in and out of the organization respond to...
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