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Obamacare Affecting Small Businesses

• Why do you want to write about this topic?

No matter how I look at this Obamacare is going to affect my future. I have health insurance through my husband’s work already. But if we open our own business eventually we will need to know all the information about it. And with Obama being our current president is good to keep up with all the current information that is going on. • Why is it interesting?

I think this is an interesting topic since my husband and I would like to open our own small business. My husband went to school to get his business management degree and I am going to school to get my business administration degree. The plan is to open our own handyman business and it will be only us at first working for the company. And once the company gets bigger then hire more people. So with the new Obamacare coming soon we both need to know all the information about it. Obamacare will affect our future. • What do you already know about the topic?

From people that I have talked to mainly family I have heard that Obamacare is going to affect people and small businesses in a negative way. Obamacare is trying to force everyone have health insurance whether they can afford it or not.

• Where might you learn more about the topic? (Friends? Family?)

Most my information has came from both family and friends. Mainly my family has told me about Obamacare. My father is really heavy into watching the news and channels such as CNN. • What trouble do you think you might have in writing this paper?

I think that I might have trouble finding the information that is truthful instead of opinionated. • How might you overcome these obstacles?

I will keep coming up ways to search the web for the right answers and find some information that I need.
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