Business and Disney

Topics: Business, Management, Synergy Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: October 30, 2011
1.Why has Disney, historically, been so successful? What accounts for the 70-year success of Disney? Brand equity, company culture emphasize on teamwork, communication and cooperation. Pushed the staff hard

2.What does the Disney name contribute to each business? Producer of the predictable family style and the father of a family of loveable animals. What are Disney’s core competencies? Create universal timeless family entertainment, a strong believer in the importance of family life, fostering experience that families could enjoy together. What are its competitive advantages? Control over the complete entertainment experience.

3.How does Disney manage the relationship between its businesses? Encourage division executives to resolve conflicts among themselves. How does Disney achieve across-business unit synergy? Synergy group that maximize synergy throughout the company.. serve as a liason to all areas, and keep all businesses informed of significant and potentially synergistic company projects and marketing strategies; bring back to life an inherent Disney synergy that enables each part of the business to draw upon, build upon, and bolster the others.

3.What is the logic behind Disney’s corporate strategy? Ability to leverage the brand and create value depended on corporate synergy. Is this a good corporate strategy? Yes, Because managing creativity as Disney most distinctive corporate skill

4.What did Michael Eisner do to rejuvenate Disney? His plan was to build the Disney brand while preserving the corporate values of quality, creativity, entrepreneurship, and teamwork. Specifically, how did he increase net income in his first four years? 3 days training program in Disney corporate university, managing creativity as Disney most distinctive corporate skill. Revitalizing TV and movies; maximizing theme park profitability,

5.Has Disney diversified too far in recent years? No, because its all due to their goals of control over...
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