Business Administration Career Outline

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 Outline œ
Job Description/Introduction
a. This field interests me because of the pay.
b. This career involves controlling and managing big businesses. c. One must be organized, have a solid financial background, and dependable to make solid decisions. d. Place and condition of work

i. At least 100K annually, as CEO of a Fortune 500 company
a. Benefited 100%
b. At least equal to or more than annual salary
c. Its a salary position, no overtime; on holidays, your obligated to work
ii. No glass ceiling
e. advantages - good salary, stable work environment, good benefits disadvantages - no overtime pay, even if you work 16 hr. days Qualifications needed
a. Educational
i. High School diploma required, business classes needed.
ii. College - Masters, Doctorate, or Bachelor in Business Administration.
iii. Internship needed also.
b. Personal
i. Sociable, welcoming and smooth talking personality is best suited for this job.
ii. An interest in Fortune 500 business, and 6-7 figure salaries Opportunities in the field
a. This field is expanding, as more businesses are being created and blown up, the demand for people who can manage big businesses increases. b. The jobs available for this field are stretched in all big cities all across the world, such as New York, Tokyo, Chicago, and Paris. Branches of the field

a. With this degree you can also do accounting, marketing and financial managing. Reactions with this Information
a. I will pursue this field because it has everything I want in a career, and its where the money's at. b. I plan to pursue higher education at Howard University School of Business.
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