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Topics: Management, Business school, Chief executive officer Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: December 3, 2013

The Becoming of a Business Administrator
Unit 9
John Marks


I. Introduction
A. Becoming a Business Administrator education and career goals.
B. Earing an Education in Business Administration.
II. What is a Business Administrator?
A. The Qualities That Make Being a Business Administration Beneficial.
B. The Listing of Job Duties of a Business Administrator. III. The Benefits of Becoming a Business Administrator.
A. The Benefits and Salaries of a Business Administrator.
B. A Look at the Job Outlook of a Business Administrator.
V. Conclusion
A. Setting Career Goals That Can Make Earning a Degree in Business Administration Worth Wild. VI. References

Becoming a Business Administrator can be beneficial and rewarding. There are many different ways to becoming a business administrator. One of the main goals that should be set for a business administrator is work your way to the top of your business, but it is not an easy process. According to the book Executive Careers in Business Administration, “there are an estimated 3,500,000 top or senior executives in American business, industry, government and nonprofits to day with openings for a half million more” (Institute for Career Research, 2007). Simplifying this process and speeding it up is a degree in business administration. This degree will give you the educational background that will lead you to success. A question a student should ask when trying to earn you degree is, what is Business Administration? Business Administration is the successor of a business, managing a business or organization. There are many different types of roles in this competitive world of business administration that covers a career related to the businesses or organization applied. The areas incorporated into Business Administration are marketing, operations, logistics and many other areas of a business. An Administrator is the person that looks over...

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