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Briefly outline the global market situation that is creating conflict and requires negotiation that will lead to decision making. The global market is on a worldwide scale reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives. There are many situation that is creating conflict, cultural differences is an example that have affected marketing success or failure. Lack of understanding of culture can lead to failure to communicate effectively, which can be extremely detrimental to a business venture (Dulta 2008, Steenkamp 2011). Awareness of culture when creating global marketing strategy will be of crucial importance as the worldwide market is rapidly changing. Language is the most influential cultural elements. Language diversity makes it difficult for companies to integrate their workforces and to negotiate. International marketers will have to understand both written and spoken language and the nonverbal language to communicate effectively with their business partners. With language one should consider whether or not the national culture is predominantly a high context culture or low context culture (Hall and Hall 1998).

Identify four (4) possible verbal and non-verbal communication barriers. Verbal communication is critical for success in any organization. Important communication outcomes involved in verbal communication include influencing task performance which encourages employees to complete tasks that lead to meeting organizational goals. Linking plans and actions is done by connecting the talk about and doing stages within the organization. Making effective decisions is much more likely and possible when relevant information is communicated clearly. Communication enables to resolve conflicts productively. Assisting in problem - solving for work groups is accomplish through effective group communication. The four possible verbal communication barriers are nonverbal cues, not listening, context and inconsistency.

Nonverbal Cues
Nonverbal cues can block verbal communication. The wrong facial expressions and body language sometimes over ride what the other person wishes to get across. Context
There are high context and low context culture which illustrate how communication is conveyed and perceived. For example, in low context culture, speakers assume their listeners understand what they are talking about, thus eliminating the need to explain everything. Inconsistency

Inconsistency blocks verbal communication. Assuming you say one thing and then later change your stance, it will further confuse or frustrate your partner. Allow you partner to know your thoughts, but be clear and concise. Not Listening

Not listening constitutes a major barrier in verbal communication. In this situation, you may hear what your partner is saying but you may not be listening. Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication referred to as silent language include facial expressions, eye contact and gaze, body movement, appearance or dress, touching, smell, color symbolism, space usage and silence. Nonverbal communication is essential because it regulates human interaction in several important ways such as it sends message about humans attitudes and feelings, it elaborates on humans verbal messages and it governs the timing and turn taking between communicators. However non verbal communication is influenced by different culture. Body language

Body language can create a...
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