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Group Discussion Board Forum 1: Part 1

Chapter 1: Why is shared information so important in a learning organization in comparison to an efficient performance organization? Discuss how an organization’s approach to sharing information may be related to other elements of organization design such as: structure, tasks, strategy, and culture.

Shared information is so important in a learning organization in comparison to an efficient performance organization because learning organization’s approach is based on values like collaboration, caring, people values, change and passion for learning. The goals of a learning organization would be connected to the person being taught. A learning organization is based on a horizontal structure. When dealing with a horizontal structure, information is given out all through the organization efficiently (Daft, 2013, p. 31). A horizontal structure allows information to flow in all directions and lines of communication to remain open between employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors (Daft, 2013, p. 31). An efficient performance organization was initiated by Frederick Taylor during the industrial revolution (Daft, 2013, p. 26). A manager viewing this type of organization would use a structural frame of reference (Daft, 2013, p. 26). Its focus is on efficient performance of a task performed in any area of manufacturing.

Organization approach to information sharing might be related to other elements of organization design such as structure, task, strategy and culture. A task associated with an organization depends on the type of organization. In a centralized organization the sharing of information follows a chain of command. Therefore task will be specialized to each employee. An organic organization share information horizontal. Tasks associated with organic organization are given to employees who have achieved the preferred outcome. The element of strategy has a high impact on information sharing. For example, a collaborative strategy requires “all parts” of the organization to work together (Daft, 2013, p. 26). This strategy would increase the need for shared information. Culture also has a high impact on information sharing. For example, the adaptive culture of a learning organization, discussed above, requires a high degree of information sharing as well.

Chapter 1: What are some differences that one might anticipate among the expectations of stakeholder for a nonprofit organization versus a for-profit business? Do you believe nonprofit managers have to pay more attention to stakeholders than business managers?

The primary difference between for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations is that businesses put all their efforts into activities that earn money for the company, while a nonprofit organization put their efforts into impacting the community. The financial resources of a nonprofit organization mostly come from the government, grants, and donations rather than from sales of a product or service. Some differences that one might anticipate among the expectations of stakeholders for a nonprofit organization verse a for-profit business is that stakeholders for-profit organizations expect their services to attract business while the nonprofit organization expects volunteers and people who will donate monies. The for-profit stakeholders would be expected to have expectations centered on what their profit margins might be whereas a nonprofit organization focuses on keeping organizational costs low and determining what will make the most difference in the lives of their clients (Daft, 2013, p. 13).

While stakeholder interest may be different in a nonprofit versus a for-profit organization, management has the same duty to do the best job with the resources available for the good of the company in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The profit made by for-profit organizations is use freely by the business usually to share it, reinvest it in the...
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