Business 2710 Assignment 1

Topics: Change, Employment, Transformation, Management, Virgil Tibbs, Standardization / Pages: 4 (753 words) / Published: Apr 2nd, 2015
BUSINESS 2710 – 081
Assignment #1
Name: Janel Nugent
ID: 201133618

Creating a Process-Oriented Enterprise at Pinnacle West
1. Brown had to make a lot of changes in order to develop a process-oriented organization.
Some of the major changes that were implemented were:

Creating the Center for Process Excellence as a way to redesign and standardize the knowledge surrounding a process-oriented organization.

Maintenance resources in the power stations had to be changed in order to be better prepared for any potential problems.

After the station was placed on a category 4 level of oversight by the NRC, a new system was brought on to help manage both the regular and proactive duties.

Even though Brown was making good changes to further the organization, there is still challenges that could be introduced along the way:

Some challenges Brown faced in doing so are first, how to introduce a processoriented model into an organization that had been operating on a functional model for many years. Some employees may not have the willingness for change and this could create some resistance to the new model from them.

Maintenance in the station had to change from being just reactive to problems to be proactive in preventing any future problems as well.

Employees will need to have an extensive knowledge on the operations of a process-oriented model.

2. Moving the organization from its old formal processes to a new process-oriented culture requires the ability to rely on the safety in the organization’s daily operations. In order to

continuously manage and control these operations, the proper technology will need to be in place that will be both reactive and proactive in reaching the aims of the organization. At Pinnacle West, they began to address these requirements with the right training and techniques that were employed by site programs. Some examples of these would be:

Enlisting key resources that help improve the understanding of process-oriented

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