Business 201 Final Exam

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Principals of Management – 201

Chapter 8:

1. Define: Authority; Power; Responsibility. Briefly describe the differences between them.

Authority refers to a manager’s inherent right to give orders, delegate tasks, make decisions and use resources as they see fit. Power refers to the extent that said manager is able to influence others so that they willing respond to orders. Authority and power are different from one another because while all managers have an inherent authority, not all of them have power over their employees. All managers can give orders, but they cannot all influence to the extent that their employees will follow their orders without question. Responsibility is the obligation that one has to complete a task that has been assigned to them. In contrast to power and authority, responsibility is less about giving orders and more about receiving them. Once a task is delegated to you, you are then responsible for completing it.

2. What does it mean to delegate managerial authority? Is delegation of authority good for managers?

To delegate managerial authority means that managers hand down suthority and responsibility to managers and employees below them in the hierarchy. Delegation of authority is good for managers because they do not have time to do every task on their own and also do them all well. Delegating helps to free up some of their time so that they can focus their attention on other tasks that only they can complete. Also, delegation is important because it allows the manager to see which of their subordinates are capable of completing tasks and they will know who they can rely on in the future.

Chapter 9:

3. How are employees discriminated against in the work environment? What is Affirmative Action?

Employees are discriminated against in the work environment on the basis of age, gender, appearance, and religious and political views. Employees are also discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disabilities and education level. Affirmative Action are policies that were put in place to protect those people in the most commonly discriminated against groups and also to benefit them in areas where they were underrepresented like employment and education. It was enacted to promote equality and strives to make up for the past by actively giving members of those groups opportunities.

4. What is the best way to attract qualified applicants for jobs today?

Companies attract qualified applicants for jobs in two ways: internal recruiting and external recruiting. Internal recruiting is done by make job postings available to employees inside the company in order to fill the job opening with applicants that already work in the organization. External recruiting refers to all methods of recruiting that target people that do not already work in the organization. These methods include advertising through job postings, using job boards and offering internships. One of the best methods for finding qualified applicants is through referrals. Often companies will ask their current employees to refer people that they know would be good for an open postion.

Chapter 12:

5. Why is motivating employees in an organization important? What are the 4 perspectives on motivation?

Motivating employees in an organization is important because motivated employees are willing to above and beyond for their employer. It is also important because it increases job satisfaction and job retention. This saves the company money from not having to recruit and train new employees as frequently. Motivation is also important because it can increase the employee’s productivity which makes the company more profit. The four perspectives on motivation are content, process, job design and reinforcement. Content focuses on the tasks that make up the job and the needs that motivate employees. Process is focuses on how the job is completed and the thought...
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