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2.0 Analysis of the company
Nokia is involved in manufacture of mobile phones and its accessories. The Company’s business segment is divided into four which includes: 1) Mobile Phones, 2) Multimedia, 3) Networks and 4) Enterprise Solution. The first segment is to provide data device and mobile voice. It provides hand phones which based on EDGE/GSM, CDMA and 3G/WSDMA cellular technologies. There are many different models and types of analysis to identify company’s strength and weaknesses or to create future framework for further development. SWOT analysis is a technique from which we can understand Nokia’s or any businesses Strength and Weaknesses and we can identify its Opportunities and Threats. The Strength of Nokia includes 142 years its experience, strong financial support, wide range of products for all classes, global expansion, one of the largest network of distribution and selling. The weaknesses are less stylish in low priced products, not enough quality compare to others, market skimming price of high set models, latest models are struggling to compete with Apple and Samsung phones. The opportunities for Nokia are the new growing markets, well designed stylish models, focus on 4G, improvement in touch screen and in the processor of the phone (speed is the trend of today) partnership with the Microsoft. The threats are Chinese cheap phones, china mobiles which copies Nokia’s models, declining sales due to economic downturn, high competition taking away Nokia’s customers

Ps| Strength| + Value| Weakness| -Value|
1) Product a. Design b. Quality c. Variety d. Features e. Accessories f. Branding g. Warranties| a. various design “flip, slide, flat setsb. high qualityc. in every series a large number of setsd. each series got their own featurese. many accessoriesf. got good brand nameg. always gave| a. attracts more customersb. good reputation c. gives a choiced. makes is uniquee. makes life easyf. helpful for market penetrationg. increases customer loyalty| b. low qualityd. many accessories f. low brand equity “changed customer perception”| b. high dissatisfaction d. extra chargesf. constantly losing customers| 2) Pricea. Price Skimmingb. Price Penetration| a. selling expensive at the first timeb. selling in low price| a. good for companyb. good to enter to new markets| a. expensive price| a. less sales| 3) Placea. Retailb. Wholesalec. Direct Selling| a. Dixon and othersb. CARPHONE warehouse & Linkc. NOKIA galleries| a. market expansionb. more dealershipc. it makes all products available| a. Dixon’s interest charge| a. will make product expensive| 4) Promotiona. Free giftsb. Advertisingc. Competition| a. original Blue tooth and Leather walletsb. uses all forums of advertisement| a. increases customer loyaltyb. more close to customers| c. company’s instability and high competition| c. losing market share and low profit| 5) Peoplea. Managementb. Employeesc. Customer Service| a. Public relationc. NOKIA CARE| a. increases public trustc. it will give safety for customers| b. losing jobs| b. year by year many peoples are becoming unemployed| 6) ProcessMore about service | | | Closing Nokia care centres| Customers change their brands | 7) Physical Evidence a. Smartb. Comfort| a. the design and the materialsb. extra covers in different colours| a. gives confidence to customersb. every day different colour | a. sometimes too expensive| a. some models are too expensive and not every customer can effort it|

PESTEL with Opportunities and Threats analysis
Factors:| Opportunities| + Value| Threats| -Value|
Politicala. New laws in UKb. Focus on India| b. Market liberalisation and simplified regulation and rules| b. Mobile users are doubled from 50 to 100 million| a. G3 technology constraints and Quality control| a. it stops companies from using cheap materials| Economicala....
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