Topics: Business, Legal entities, Franchising Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: January 7, 2013
International Islamic University Chittagong
Department of Business Administration
Program: BBA, Course Code: BUSI-1101
Course code: Introduction to Business
Course objective:
This course will provide the students with a complete and comprehensive view of business enterprises in home and abroad. Students will be able to know about different institutions supporting business in Bangladesh and different types of documentations used in export and import process. Further they will know how social responsibility and business ethics help to continue business. MID-TERM

1.0 Foundation of Business:
Business:Meaning-Evolution-Characteristics-Objectives-Elements-Functions-Importance-Economic systems-Relation between Business and Economics 2.0 Business Environment:
Micro and Macro Environment factors- Impact of Environment on Business 3.0 Entrepreneurship:
Meaning, Qualities Of growth-oriented entrepreneur-Risks of Entrepreneurship-Small Business: Meaning- Causes of Small Business Failure. 4.0 Franchising:
Meaning, Franchisor and Franchisee- Advantages and disadvantages of owing a franchise business- Franchising Agreement-Case Study on Pizza Hut, KFC, Mc Donald. 5.0 Forms of Business Organization:

Different forms of Business Organizations- Factors Affecting the Choice of Business Organization. 6.0 Sole Proprietorship:
Meaning- Features-Suitability-Advantages and Disadvantages of owing Sole Proprietorship Business 7.0 Partnership:
Meaning-Features of Partnership Business-Types of Partners-Partnership Deed- Registration of Partnership- Effects of non-registration of Partnership- Right and Duties of A partner- Dissolution of a Partnership Business. FINAL

8.0 Joint Stock Company:
Meaning-Characteristics-Types- Advantages and Disadvantages- Formation- Prospectus- MA and AA- Rights and Obligations of Shareholders and Directors- Different types of Share, Share Capital and Share Values- Liquidation of A company. 9.0 Cooperative Society:...
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