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1. Introduction

Communication plays a vital role in day today activities in any business organization. Without proper communication, none of the management functions can be done effectively. Therefore it is a must for an employee to sharpen the communication skills to move up in the career ladder. Then the problem arises on which communication skill they need to focus more.

According to the recent surveys conducted it is been identified that listening is the communication skill most often used in the human interaction, but it is not a skill which most people perform well. Though we spend most of the time in listening it is imperative to know whether we listen effectively. Being a good listener alone will not be sufficient enough to become a good communicator. Since communication is a two way process which involves both a sender and a receiver, listening consists of the role that the receiver will play in the communication process while presenter or speaker will plays the role of the sender.

In the view of the above, this report addresses the importance of good listening and effective presenting to become a good manager. Discussion on listening and presenting with few guidelines identified will take in the first phase of the essay and eventually giving a conclusion and short term action plan for continuous development.

2. Listening Skill

1. What is meant by effective listening?

It is surprising to notice that Listening plays a significant part of the communication process than any other communication skill. According to the recent survey conducted in a top blue chip company in India it is being observed around 63% of their time was spent on listening among other communication skills. (Raman M, Singh P, 2006: p.87). (See Annexure 1) .

However it can be stated that the mere listening may not do a good job. Therefore it is important to differentiate between mere listening and effective listening to learn how to listen effectively. According to Keith Davis “Hearing is with ears, but listening is with the mind”. Listening means hear the words only where effective listening means to understand completely what is been said.

Listening might be defined as the art of hearing and understanding what someone is saying. (Raman M, Singh P, 2006: p.87).

As managers been a good listener will help not only to solve many problems at your workplace but you can see the world through the eyes of the others especially your subordinates and thereby opening your understanding and enhance capacity for empathy.

2. Listening process

Listening is a skill which needs to be mastered in order to build strong relationships and advances ones career. Therefore it is important to learn on how to listen. To be a good listener it is necessary to understand various stages of listening.

Skills based Hurier Model identified six interrelated components to an effective listening process i: e hearing, interpreting, and understanding, evaluating, remembering and responding. (See Annexure 2) .

Listening begins with the physical process of perceiving sounds named as hearing which is more passive, subjective and unfocused. Therefore hearing is not adequate enough for an effective listening. We might hear different messages during our routine activities. But we might not listen to all of them. Therefore we need to select one message among multiple stimuli based on the importance at the given point of time. This is called selective attention.

Having attended and received a particular stimulus the next stage in listening process is understanding. This stage corresponds to assigning meanings to the stimuli that have been selected and attended.

Remembering is recalling something from stored memory. Effective listening plays a major role at this stage. An effective listener can retain to a greater extend what he or she has heard....
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