Busi 600 Db 2

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BUSI 600 B01
Mastering Teaching Leadership Case
Creation of a finding page
The findings section of the research report uses a methodology that is similar in nature to the structure of a business research report. A complete finding section will have an introduction, literature review, method, result and decision and a conclusion section. A Cooper / Schindler state, the objective of the finding section is to explain the purpose of the data without interpretation or conclusion the data. Below is a sample finding section for the Mastering Teacher Leadership case study: Introduction

Wittenberg University’s Department of Education would like to start a Master of Education/ Professional Development program for current Ohio- certified teachers working within the school district. Wittenberg is very well known for the Undergraduate degree in Education, as well as, a great representation in producing exceptional teachers in the central Ohio region. Ohio legislators mandate that a Masters of Education is needed before second licensure renewal. The newly hired teacher will have five to sevens years to have this requirement completed. This requirement can be completed by a Masters program or through professional development courses. The professional development courses that are taught must be approved by the Local Professional Development Committees (LPDC). Literature Review

Findings 1.1:
Central Ohio hosts five respected Universities/ Colleges with a 30 minute drive from Wittenberg University. All five of the surrounding schools offer undergraduate degrees in education. Two of the schools offer a Master of Arts in teaching. Only one of the schools offers a professional development program. Findings 1.2

Increase enrollment in Masters/ Professional development programs has been motived by the turnover of aging teachers retiring. Aging teachers have by coerced into retirement though incentive buyout programs. The incentive programs for aging teachers...
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