Bushongo Mythology

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Bushongo Mythology
The Bushongo people are also known as the Bakuba. Their neighbors gave this nickname to them, and it means “the people of the lightning”; they should be called the Bashi Bushongo (or the sons of Bushongo). It is a small country composed of tribes from different parts of Africa. It’s leaders come from Sudan and are known as the Bambala, the western people come from the Upper Congo, and the south is a separate branch of the Baluba from around Lake Nyassa. This melting pot of ethnicity gives rise to a related diversity of principles.

The Bambala elder is known as the Moaridi, and is the official historian of the kingdom. A summary of the beginning of the world goes as follows: -In the beginning, there was only absolute darkness and water. Bumba, the Chembe god, looked like an enormous, white man. On the first day he vomited the sun, moon, and stars. From the sun, the water began to recede, and sandbanks began to rise out of the receding water. He again vomited, this time bringing forth a variety of different animals. He then vomited many men, but only one was white (Loko Yima-founder of the royal family). These men and the animals then populated the world by vomiting mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects and plants. Soon after that, the lightning began to cause trouble, so Bumba sent it to heaven where it can only come rarely to the Earth for the people to get fire.

The god then gave each village of people a “tabu”. A tabu contained the “ancestral prohibitions”, and says that the king, parents, and elders will be honored, that life and property are to always be respected, that an enemy in need must be helped, and that a noble life must be lived.

While this happened, the Bushongo lived near a lake filled with palm wine instead of water. The myth says that a woman tainted the lake, replacing the palm wine with a canyon with new varieties of trees. A goat then discovered how to obtain the palm wine from these trees.

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