Busen Burner

Topics: Bunsen burner, Flame, Laboratory equipment Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Bunsen Burner
Erin Hillman
August 30, 2010/5th period

Bunsen Burner
One of the most efficient ways to heat materials is by a Bunsen Burner. Bunsen Burners are made in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

In this lab my class learned the most efficient and safest way to use a Bunsen Burner.

The materials used were; safety goggles, safety apron, ring stand, Bunsen Burner, flame striker, gas, wire gauze, a beaker, beaker tongs and 100 mL of water.

1. Put safety goggles and safety apron on. And tie all lose articles and hair back. 2. Hook the Bunsen Burner to the gas and turn the gas on. 3. Use a flame striker or a match to light the Bunsen Burner. 4. Adjust the gas and the burner to the needed flame height. 5. Put the wire gauze on the iron ring.

6. Fill the beaker to 100 mL.
7. Put the beaker on the wire gauze.
8. Wait for the water to boil.

Data table:
Height above burner (cm)| Time to boil|
2| 5 minutes|
8| 7 minutes|

1. What would happen if the air intake openings were very small? The flame would be very tall.
2. Why is it necessary to know how to adjust the flow rates of the air and gas when using a Bunsen Burner? So you can get a hotter flame.
Discussion and Conclusion:
In the experiment we learned how to use a Bunsen Burner, we learned how to light it and adjust the flame and gas. Our lad was succeeded successfully.
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