BUS610 Week 2 Discussion 2

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology, Fundamental human needs Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: December 22, 2014
ERG Theory and Maslow's Hierarchy
The ERG theory was developed by Alderfer and it “sought to simplify the hierarchy of needs by breaking it down into three concepts. Thus, the progression in the ERG model is Existence


Growth” (Baack, 2012).
Maslow’s Hierarchy is based on the premise that “human needs are hierarchical—that un- fulfilled lower needs dominate one’s thinking, actions, and being until they are satisfied. Once a lower need is fulfilled, a next level surfaces to be addressed or expressed in everyday life” (Zalenski & Raspa, 2006). Maslow’s theory argues that individuals move up the hierarchy as a result of the satisfaction of lower order needs whereas ERG theory includes a regression component signifying that an already satisfied need can become initiated when a higher need cannot be satisfied. Thus, if a person is continually frustrated in his or her efforts to satisfy growth needs, relatedness needs can again surface as key motivators. ERG theory offers a more adaptable methodology to understanding human needs than Maslow’s. As a fitness professional I utilize physiological needs explored by Maslow in that interacting with clients requires dual responsibilities shared between myself and the person or group that I am serving. It is important that I am aware of their needs specific to fitness – that I monitor their form, resistance, breathing, etc. to ensure exercises are being executed properly. Conversely, it is important that clients keep an open line of communication when detailing their concerns etc. Reference

Baack, D. (2012). Organizational behavior. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Zalenski, R. J., & Raspa, R. (2006). Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: A Framework for Achieving Human Potential in Hospice. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 9(5), 1120-1127. doi:10.1089/jpm.2006.9.1120. Retrieved from...
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