Bus610 - Ashford University Week 6 Paper

Topics: Communication, Writing, Nonverbal communication Pages: 19 (3319 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Dewayne Guthrie
BUS610 – Organizational Behavior
Professor Mathur
June 4th, 2012

Changing Company Communication Methods Amidst a Sea of Options


In the modern business world the process of change is ever constant as new technologies and

business related procedures keep things flowing at a more rapid rate than ever before. Sometimes a

change in the business world can be as drastic as the historical building of the Trans-Atlantic railroad

that forever changed the linking of American business practices, or change can be as simple as a

business deciding to take on a new means of advertising. Whatever the complication or simplicity

though, the basic generalized concept of something changing never goes away. Indeed change comes

with every aspect of life, and we should expect the business world and our professional lives to be no

different than when inevitable change occurs in our personal and family lives. In the near future within

the next few years I expect to personally have a business of my own and the sooner one accepts change

and learns to embrace it as a part of life that allows us to grow in more successful ways, then the better

off anyone will be if they are planning to own a business or to be part of the working business world in

general. Whether we are learning to change a business of our own to better the bottom line and to

better employees, or whether one may be moving to a new job to work for another party, either way the

inevitable concept of change is ever present in the working professional world. At this point it

becomes important to define change, because if a plan does not work out successfully, there is always

the possibility that something could change for the worse. This is why it is always extremely important

to plan out any moves in your professional life related to change, whether one may be changing their

own personal company management methods or simply switching from one job to another. I think that

planning a move within company communication methods can many times be a good start for creating

a more successful business. Whether communicative technology is updated, or new communication

skills are taught to employees, either way introducing a change within company communication tactics

can many times be highly beneficial. It is my personal position that change and communication


methods often go hand in hand, and if used correctly a change within the communication processes of a

company can go a long way in helping to make that organization more successful.

For this specific example, I will focus upon the organizational change of upgrading all around

generalized company communications methods, which will include everything from newer technology

to employees undertaking a training program that involves teaching an individual how to personally

possess a successful set of communication skills within their characters. The key stakeholders

involved here would be every employee, but especially any managers and highest ranking owner. I

would start off by instituting the communication skills training program for all employees and then

make it absolutely mandatory that this program must be passed in an acceptable manor if one wishes to

remain employed with their current organization. After a firm establishment of a communications

training program for all employees, it would then be time to move into the area of upgrading company

communication methods in general. Whether it be upgrading computers, monitors, switching from

simple e:mails and telephone calls to live video conferencing, or a host of other options, these all fall

under the same category of helping to introduce a change in communication methods....

References: Kinicki, A. & Kreitner, R. Organizational Behavior: Key Concepts, Skills & Best Practices (customized 4th ed. - 2009) New York, NY ( McGraw-Hill Irwin)
O’Rourke, James IV
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