BUS600 Week 4 Discussion 1

Topics: Communication, Hierarchy, Boss Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: December 22, 2014
Internal Communication
Internal communication within a company or business can be defined as “both "official" communication -- memos, guidelines, policies and procedures, etc. -- and the unofficial communication… -- the exchange of ideas and opinions, the development of personal relationships, and the proverbial conversation around the water cooler” (CTB, 2013). The most effective way to communicate with your boss is to use clear, succinct and direct language. I would also suggest employing communication methods (face-to-face meetings vs. email, etc.) that you recognize to be your bosses chosen communication method(s). Internal communication with a superior should typically be void of emotion; “Maintain an even and professional tone throughout. If you need to communicate with your boss about a personal problem, a problem with a co-worker, or some other issue that causes you to feel emotional, wait until you are clear-headed and the emotion has passed before attempting communication” (Reeves, 2014). When communicating with a peer there tends to be more lax in formalities and sometimes diction. Business peers are colleagues – they tend to have similar incomes and status in the office thus speaking to them can be similar to speaking with a classmate, friend, or neighbor. When communicating with a subordinate, a person whose business “rank” is lower than the position you hold, I’ve found both through personal experience and through research that communication either takes an air of superiority vs. inferiority – the subordinate worker is talked down to and made to feel less-than. Conversely, when communicating with a subordinate many persons assume a position of empathy and accommodation – they remember what it was like being a subordinate either positively or not, and want to pass along the necessary information to their colleagues with an air of compassion while also educating on the dos and don’ts of corporate life. There would certainly be differences in the...
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