Bus Radio Theft Investigation

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SEC430 - Principles of Investigation

Bus Radio Theft Investigation

This paper discusses the bus theft investigation scenario from the simulation web link. This work will describe documents, interviews, direct observations, and tactics for conducting the investigation. The questions asked, technological tools, and documentation will also be described.

During the last three years there have been thefts of radios from buses in the Kellsey Unified School District vehicle yard. Most of the thefts occur one to three weeks after installation of the radios.

Interviews included the security guard, Suley Smiley. He stated that he was on duty but did not see anything. Earl Folley the transportation director said that he was just dropping off his wife.

Documentation included the footprint on bus 19. The footprint was photographed and documented in the notes in case it matches the foot of a future suspect. The area near where the radio was taken from bus 19 was also photographed and fingerprinted.

Technological tools included photography and fingerprinting on bus 19. In practice an investigator would likely take pen and paper notes then probably use a computer to author final reports. In practice an investigator might also use a recording device to preserve witness statements.

Other sources of information might include employee personnel files and background checks. The files and the checks might reveal persons who have a history of criminal behavior.

The bus theft investigation included documents, interviews, direct observations and investigative tactics for solving the crime. Continued investigation is needed to help solve the case.
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