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Global Business Experiences—Field Interview
Sean M. Halleran
July 13, 2014
Introduction to Business in a Technology World
Charlotte Newman
Argosy University

This interview was conducted with Chief Petty Officer of the United States Navy James Halleran. He has been proudly served in the armed served for 13 years as an Information systems technician (IT). An Information systems technician is a person that maintains, installs, designs, operates, and over looks all state of the art technology in the Navy. He has traveled to many countries including Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Bahrain, Belgium, Germany, Romania, China, Spain, Alexandria, Egypt, Russia, France, Countries in the Panama Canal, and a few other undisclosed countries that he could not mention. While traveling to these countries he has lived in parts of the Panama Canal, United States, Spain, and is currently living in Pizzone, Italy.

Chief Petty Officer Halleran was selected for this interview because of his vast amount of knowledge of cultures, technology, worldly knowledge, and various parts of global business. Another reason that he was selected was for the reason he is a family man, and this gives a little better understanding of how economies in other parts of the world effect not only him at his age but children as well. Transcript of Interview

Question: What is international business to you?
Chief Petty Officer Halleran Answer: International business is when a business has interests in other countries that it wants to conduct business in, but to do so they might want to have a good idea of the counties technologically, socially, economically, and politically. Q. How has technology impacted customers internationally?

A. As a customer internationally in the form of I am always buying items from the United States, and having these items shipped to me in Italy it has been impacted greatly. Being able to get a certain item that a customer wants that they can get online instead of settling for a similar item that is not quite want is wanted locally gives the advantage to technology. Q. Does the structure of law impact on the international business between countries? A. It does, depending on which country business is being conducted in. However a business has a responsibility to abide by the regulations in which the business operates, but the Internet is starting to change the way buyers and sellers conduct business. Q. What kind of risks is there in international business?

A. Just like investments there are additional risks such cross-cultural and country risks. Just because a business did well in one culture does not necessarily mean it will be just as successful in another market. Q. How is international technological environment important? A. It is very important for instance e-commerce such as E-bay. These types of companies have open up a whole new way the business around the world conducts business. The technology provides value in the form of convenience. Q. In your words what is globalization, and what are the opportunities of globalization? A. Globalization is the way countries and nations around the world come together to communicate, transport, network, and exchange goods. By doing this the opportunities are endless because with everyone coming together more can be achieved. It will make products more affordable and available to more people by combining cultural goods, services, and knowledge. Q. How do you think technology has changed globalization of markets? A. For starters it has changed the way in which all businesses network to one another, and from there technology has improved business in so many ways that globalization is the same as doing business in the same city as a business on the other side of the world. When this happens global networks come into play and monopolization of economic power begins to happen for instance. Q. In your travels around most...
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