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Executive Summary
Stagecoach Group was founded by ‘Brian Souter’ and his sister ‘Ann Gloag’ Aim to provide public transport across the UK, USA and Canada. The group splits its operations into smaller divisions consisting of UK buses, UK rails and North America. Their main clients are general public, tourists, elderly and the disabled. During the London Olympics 2012 the key clients branched to tourists, athletes and media. London Olympics 2012 led to an increase in the demand of public transport thus the company’s revenue increased. The group may face some problems due to the fact that there has been a rise in overtrading. The company has taken many measures to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint significantly. The group currently has the highest share price, which shows that the company has a strong market position and is developing steadily. Companies profit has increased £157.9m in 2011 to £188.3m in 2012. One of their main targets is to reduce carbon use throughout all divisions by the end of the financial year 2013-14. The main shareholders of Stagecoach Group are Highland Global Transports and two co-founders – Brian Souter and Ann Gloag. The company has many strengths and opportunities to build upon. In addition a few weaknesses and threats.

Stagecoach, similar to other companies, has been working on reducing ethical issues that it faces. By reducing the car usage and providing greener and smarter public transport, they have contributed to the environmental greenness. The group has recognition for the health and safety which are strictly monitor by the regulations. The firm also does a lot of charity concentrating on health, education and local community projects. Overall, based on the research, Stagecoach Group is a good investment decision With a stable turnover, increasing each year, return to shareholders was strong Even through the recession people need to travel, the company may have taken a hit with share prices but came through Recommended to invest for the long term based on research and forecast Short term investment is unwise as share price does fluctuate and is reducing The upcoming weather climate will affect share prices and revenue in short run Forecast show a general increasing trend in comparison to competitors and this is seen to continue with the company developing and growing making new acquisitions and recognised for achievements and awards.

Stagecoach Group is an international transport company that has become one of the largest transportation companies across the UK. The company is public limited that is incorporated and registered in Scotland, placing its registered office in Perth. It has been operating for over 30 years. Stagecoach operates 10,600 buses and 2,200 trains and serves about 3,000,000 customers per day. Stagecoach’s main business is operating public transport such as coaches, buses, trams and trains. The initial aim was to connect Scotland and London through bus/train transportation. The group has developed and expanded globally and is currently active in the provision of public transport services in the UK and North America. Geographical Operations

UK BUSES: Stagecoach connects hundreds of towns and cities within the UK from Scotland to South West England including major city bus services operating in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford and many more. The network provides 7900 buses and coaches across 19 regional areas. Stagecoach also runs the inter-city coach service, megabus.com which covers around 40 locations; and the Europe’s express coach service. The services in the UK are operated on a commercial basis in a largely deregulated market, which carries almost 1 billion passengers a year . UK RAILS: Stagecoach rail network is one of the largest rail operators in the UK transporting 230 million passengers annually. The service splits into separate...

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