Bus 530 Organizational Behavior-Ford Motor Company

Topics: Ford Motor Company, Leadership, Management Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: October 22, 2011
BUS 520 Organizational Behavior

1.Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational performance. Employees can either be more productive therefore making the company more successful and leadership roles are important within a company can impact organizational performance positively or negative. There are many roles a leader can take to have a productive successful company. Effective leaders set goals, open communication with subordinates, have trust, agenda that lead to meaningful effective meetings. The role of a leader is to influence the behavior actions of its subordinate in order to carry out the measureable goals of the organization. Most leadership styles fall into four models. The style of the model reflects the role that the leader perceives him to have in order to obtain a successful business. Theory X beliefs embrace the following negative views of human nature. People are inherently lazy and must therefore be motivated by incentives. People’s natural goals run counter to those of the organization; hence, individuals must be controlled by formal rules and management to ensure that they’re working toward organizational goals. Because of irrational feelings, people are basically incapable of self-discipline and self-control. The average person prefers to be directed, wishes to avoid responsibility, and wants security above all. Based on the above premises Theory X model leader role is therefore to direct, control, and modify their subordinates. Theory Y model is based on a set of beliefs that managers should take an empowering approach to management. Theory Y is based on a set of beliefs that managers should take an empowering approach to management. The average human does not inherently dislike work. Depending on controllable conditions, work may be a source of satisfaction. Rules, top-down managerial control, and the threat of punishment are not the only means for achieving organizational goals. Employees will...
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