BUS 520 Midterm Exam

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BUS 520 Midterm Exam

1. Data show that women earn only __________ cents per dollar earned by men 2. __________ is a multidisciplinary field devoted to understanding individual and group behavior, interpersonal processes, and organizational dynamics.

3. In trying to work out an acceptable solution to a problem, managers who rely on their understanding of other people and who empathize with others’ feelings are using which managerial skill according to Katz? 4. As used in OB, the term multiculturalism refers to:

5. __________ refers to policies and practices that seek to include people within a workforce who are considered to be, in a way, different from those in the prevailing constituency. 6. Common work-related stressors include all of the following EXCEPT: 7. __________ individuals prefer the “big picture”, like solving new problems, dislike routine, and would rather look for possibilities than work with facts. 8. __________ individuals use reason and intellect to deal with problems and downplay emotions. 9. Attitudes are acquired from all of these sources EXCEPT:

10. The combination of high job involvement and organizational commitment creates, what the Gallop Organization has called, __________. 11. The __________ component of an attitude reflects the beliefs, opinions, knowledge, or information a person possesses. 12. The six major categories of emotions identified by researchers are __________. 13. The perceptual distortion of projection can be controlled through a high degree of __________. 14. __________ is the withdrawal of negative consequences, which tends to increase the likelihood of repeating the desirable behavior in similar settings. 15. __________ conditioning is a form of learning through association that involves the manipulation of stimuli to influence behavior. 16. According to attribution theory, which types of causes are operating to the detriment of obese workers? 17. Managing __________ properly can change...
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