BUS 499 Mod 1 Case Study

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BUS 499 BSBA Integrative Project


Module 1 – Case Study
The Balanced Scorecard and Financial Perspective


I’m in agreement with the statement that ‘Cattaraugus County Rehabilitation Center did an effective job of implementing a balanced scorecard approach in a method that reflects their organizational mission and vision.’ The new Director of Strategy has successfully developed a way of implementing the balanced scorecard model in their Non-Profit Organization. He has realized the continuously growing need for organizations to change and improve if their center is to survive in the ever changing environment of organization’s life and endless existence.

Any organization needs to continuously evolve and persistently find a way to ensure its sustainability. The organizational topography is fast changing and new trends are always coming to the forefront. Every business and organization has to be prepared for the changing of dynamics with their customer base, product control and marketing improvements to stay ahead of its competition. Some of the expected new trends include the changing workforce trends, customer needs and service/product delivery. The rehabilitation center will be able to handle these presently and expected challenges through the use of the balanced scorecard.

The center is using a forward thinking concept to help provide the center through its Learning and Growth Perspective. The learning and growth perspective, which has been identified as the established ground work of any strategy, requires a determination of employee capabilities and skills, technology, and a corporate climate needed to support a strategy. The center has set out its objective in this focus area, by increasing staff competencies, provide personal growth opportunities to employees, promote, train & practice corporate values.

The balanced scorecard also recognizes the need to...

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