Bus 444 Case 1 - Spring2012

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BUS 444 Case 1 – Spring 2012
The Casino Industry
Due Friday, May 25, 2012

Source the internet for the following categories, “The Las Vegas Casino Industry, The Atlantic City Casino Industry, The Native American Casino Industry, The Riverboat Casino Industry, The Macao Casino Industry and The Singapore Casino Industry” and respond to the following questions:

1.Develop a Porter 5-forces model of the casino industry. Make sure you discuss each of the five forces in a separate paragraph or section. For purposes of this case, we will define the casino industry as including full-service, diverse entertainment (i.e. traditional) casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and treat other gambling alternatives (e.g. Native American casinos, riverboat gambling, etc.) as substitutes. When discussing each of the five forces, be sure to consider each of the factors relevant to each of these five forces as we discussed in class. 开发一个波特5部队模型的赌城。确保你讨论每个五种力量在一个单独的段落或部分。为了这个例子中,我们将定义赌场行业包括全方位服务,多样化的娱乐(即传统)赌场的拉斯维加斯、大西洋城,和治疗其他赌博替代品(如。美国本土赌场赌博等,江轮。)作为替代品。当讨论每个五种力量,一定要考虑每个因素有关,其中每个五种力量作为我们在课堂上讨论

通过五力模型,确定了三个主要关注点:新进入者的威胁、替代品的威胁、赌场行业竞争程度。新进入者的威胁是指进入壁垒,其有六个来源:规模经济、产品差异、资本需求、转换成本、获得分销渠道、和成本领先优势的规模。替代品的威胁是指产品和服务,满足客户的方式,他们提供了一个更高级别的服务和更好的经济竞争力。现有的公司之间的对抗fueds指的是发生在一个行业中竞争,包括诸如价格竞争和广告战役。的优点和缺点SWOT指内部条件的公司,你的公司擅长(优势),它可能缺乏相对于竞争对手(弱点)。机遇和威胁是外部环境条件的公司。这些可能是要么在一般环境因素或在竞争环境。 产品差异化迫使赌场产业扩大现有度假村

2.How are the gambling companies in Las Vegas responding to the changes in the industry structure and the increased competition? 1。如何在拉斯维加斯的博彩公司应对产业结构的变化和竞争加剧?

3.How have the casinos in Atlantic City tried to compete with Las Vegas? What threats do they face? 1。大西洋城的赌场如何与拉斯维加斯竞争?他们面临哪些威胁?

Grading Rubric:
Question number one is worth 50% of your total grade.
Questions number two and three are each worth 25% of the total grade. You must discuss all of the six casinos listed above for comparative purposes. Additionally, you are required to submit a written paper and your team...
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