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BUS 335 WK 2 Quiz 1 Chapter 1
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True / False Questions

1. Human capital refers to the knowledge, skill, and ability of people and their motivation to use them successfully on the job. True False

2. For the average organization, employee costs (wages or salaries and benefits) are under 10% of its total revenue. True False

3. Staffing is the process of acquiring, deploying, and retaining a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality to create positive impacts on the organization's effectiveness. True False

4. Acquisition activities involve external staffing systems that govern the initial intake of applicants into the organization. True False

5. Internal staffing systems work in fundamentally different ways than external staffing systems. True False

6. Organizations should attempt to eliminate all employee turnover if at all possible. True False

7. Employee turnover does not represent a significant cost to most organizations. True False

8. Staffing is more of a process than an event.
True False

9. Staffing the organization requires attention to both the quantity and quality of people brought into, moved within, and retained by the organization. True False

10. Staffing systems exist primarily to fill specific vacancies, and are not closely linked to overall organizational profitability and growth. True False

11. Quantity or quality labor shortages can mean lost business opportunities, scaled-back expansion plans, an inability to provide critical consumer goods and services, and even threats to organizational survival. True False

12. Employee shortages seldom require job reassignments or overtime for current employees. True False

13. When the federal government needed to hire airport security screeners, applicants started the process of getting a job with a structured interview and physical ability test. True False

14. Pfizer has concluded that it cannot project what kind of talent it needs in the next 10 years and then select employees whose skills matched these long-range future talent needs. True False

Multiple Choice Questions

15. The process of acquiring, deploying, and retaining a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality to create positive impacts on the organization's effectiveness is called ________. A. staffing

B. recruitment
C. selection
D. placement

16. Which of the following statements is true regarding staffing? A. The organization is the only active player in the staffing process. B. The staffing process is composed of a series of interrelated parts including recruitment, selection, decision making and job offers. C. The staffing process should only be viewed from the perspective of the individual (line) manager. D. None of the above

17. The process that involves the placement of new hires on the actual job they will hold is called ___________. A. acquisition
B. deployment
C. retention
D. none of the above

18. The purpose of retention systems is to __________.
A. attract qualified applicants to job openings in the organization B. establish a good person-job match
C. manage the flow of employees out of the organization
D. establish a good person-organization match

19. Staffing systems exist, and should ultimately be used, to __________. A. ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly
B. ensure that procedural, transactional, and routine activities are accomplished C. reduce costs regardless of the effects on quality or quantity D. contribute to the attainment of organizational goals such as survival, profitability, and growth

Staffing Models

True / False Questions

20. The quantity portion of the staffing definition means that organizations must be concerned about staffing...
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