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Topics: Milk, Dairy product, Dairy farming Pages: 20 (3473 words) Published: February 26, 2013
1. Introduction:

1.1 Origin of the report.

East West University promotes meaningfully blends of eastern and western thoughts and innovations. To do this EWU provides Many subject like BUS, MKT and FIN etc.“Business communication BUS (231) is one of the courses for a student doing in BBA. Precisely it teaches how Communications will occur and what is the way of writing business letter as well as reports. To practically experience the implementation of all of those issues we have learned through the course bus-231 that is conduct by Eng. Kamrul Hasan, our respected course teacher of “Business Communication” has given us this assignment on any Generic product like Dairy milk. This report is to be submitted on December 13, 2012.

1.2 Background of the study

The report is done as a part of the research of the course BUS (231).The report focuses on Dairy milk as we found much interest in the Generic product The research paper is prepared for Eng. Kamrul Hasan Asst. Professor of business Administration Dept. at East West University. She authorized the task of writing this report to a group of four members. This research is prepared during the semester Fall 2012 .And the date of submission of this report is on December 13, 2012 A successful student must understand the market and about the product psychology and behavior to successfully grip the target business course. As awe student of business communication we tried our level best to know the market and the way of communication for this reason we prepared this report

1.3 Objective(s) of the study
The main objective of this assignment is to know about the Dairy milk product among the consumer in recent market. It will help us to understand about the perception of dairy milk among the customer such as how frequently they buy this product and what is the reason behind it. We also learn which class people buy this product most. 1.3.1 Specific Objectives:

• How behavior of consumers of different region can influence on Dairy milk • How income diversification change Dairy milk
• How age difference can influence Dairy milk preference and • How family status can influence Dairy milk preference • To fulfill academic requirement.

• To gain practical knowledge about Generic product.

1.4 Scope
We have got this scope to prepare these kinds of report for our course instructor Eng. Kamrul Hasan. The report is prepared concentrating on ‘Dairy milk’. All the information was collected from secondary sources. At first we prepared 40 surveys from different types of people then we evaluate it. While preparing the paper we have shown 20 different cases related question to our research objective. It is a comprehensive report based on our survey and knowledge,

1.5 Methodology:
At first we got the report design and structure from our academic supervisor and moved for the next steps. To prepare this report we had to collect data from both primary and secondary sources- 1.5.1 Primary Data:

Primary source are individuals who are somehow aware about the dairy milk. We have used convenient sampling to collect the information. We also collect the information by Discussing with our group members.

1.5.2 Secondary Data:
We also collect data from secondary source. As..
➢ Different Journals

➢ Through web searching

1.6 Limitation:
This report has some limitation. Moreover the topic is so much vast, so we faced some problems while preparing the report. The limitations acquainted with this report are as the following: ➢ Collecting information was little bit tough.

➢ Time shortage.

➢ Sometimes actual data is missing.

1.7 Report preview:
The term paper is made on the basis of what people think about dairy milk firm. For this we conducted a comprehensive survey on dairy firm. This is focused on the consumer belief, perception, lifestyle and the concept consumer have about the dairy firm .we show the survey through...
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