Bus 210 Week 8 Paper

Topics: Costs, Fast food, Operating cost Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Chose to go back through a couple companies that I used to work for. I chose Subway, Main St. Liquor, and Taco Bell. I chose these because I had an inside view to the OMM for all three of these companies. The OMM for Subway was a very simple one. Their main focus was on providing excellent customer service with a team effort. They have a certain prodical for making the subs, that they want you to stick with. This will keep food costs down. For example they are suppose to put only six tomatoes on one sub. They have a weight or number amount for all meats, and veggies. With weight limits that they have put in place, this has cut down on spending on veggies and meats. Which has lowered outgoing costs and helped with finding shortages of product. The employees all have their own way of putting together a sub. Just because they have their own style they still need to stay with in the protical put forth my corpriate. They have a simple POS system to keep track of transactions.

For Main Street Liquor, There really is not a OMM put into place in this store. Yes, you needed to provide excellent customer service and sell liqour or beer. They have absolutley no inventory process in this location. This can be a very dangerous thing for anytype of store. With out having a proper OMM, it can lead to shortages, and loss of pofit for the store and owner. I started a small inventory process for them, and was finding a lot of shortages thorough out the store. This is a small privatly own business. The few employees that they do have, are responsible for everything in the location when they are on. They also are in charge of watching all customers, so there are no theifts.

Taco Bell OMM was also a team effort. At any Taco Bell you start with the register, than it goes to the back line. The back line has more of a role than I think people realize. They are the one's that need to work with the food in order to get it to the customer. They have a weight limit as well. For...
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