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MS. Baskin
Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, PhD, is a biochemist and physician who independently owns and operates a research lab and private practice in Houston Texas, has devoted the last 35 years to the invention, development and the successful treatment of cancer patients. The patents receiving this innovated treatment, suffered from some of the most lethal types of cancer known to humanity. This revolutionized treatment, a gene-targeted approach involving the use of non-toxic “peptides” and “amino acids” as a method to cure cancer. This revolutionized treatment known as Antineoplastons. For the last 15 years, Dr. Burzynski has been in a legal battle with the FDA and the Texas Medical Board. In November 19, 2012, the Medical Board’s case against Dr. Burzynski was dismissed along with the Medical Board’s crusade to revoke his medical license and stop the use of Antineoplastons. In the weeks that followed the dismissal of the case against Dr. Burzynski, it was revealed that the government agency the FDA was the true source for the crusade against Dr. Burzynski, by putting constant pressure on the Medical Board’s agency. Even with the knowledge, there had not been any law(s) broken, and his treatment proven successful. The FDA not only declined to approve this non-toxic Antinoeplaston treatment also, over the next

15 years took Dr. Burzynski to court 6 times attempting to revoke his medical license, shut down his research center and his private practice trying to stop to use of this treatment altogether. The FDA then attempted to have him sent to prison for life, by pressuring of the Texas Medical Board to revoke Dr. Berezniki’s Medical License even though no laws broken . As well as the Antinoeplaston treatment proving successfully leaving patients cancer free, without reoccurrence, using his non-toxic and proven to be safe treatment – thus leaving one mind-...

Cited: by former FDA chief Counsel Hut (see “Clinical Trials,” May 1995. In 1995 the FDA got a search warrant for Burzenski’s private practice using the suspicion he was violating the interstate trafficking ruling . Agents of the FDA confiscated thousands of Dr. Burzenski’s patient’s medical records. The FDA then only let the doctor come to their office at their convenience, also forcing him to make photocopies of records of the patient’s he was currently treating each time to leave with them before leaving their office. Following this raid on his private practice and home, several of Dr. Burzenski’s patients and colleges were ordered to appear before three different grand juries between 1985 and 1994.
In 1980, Dr. Jullian Whitaker, from the Whitaker Wellness Institute also located in Texas, first heard about Dr. Burzynski and his battle with the FDA, and the Texas Medical Board. As well as being the first to hear about the innovative treatment to cure cancer known as Antineoplastons. Dr. Whitaker called Dr. Buzynski and asks if he could come and see for himself what he was doing in his research laboratory. Dr. Burzynski said yes. Dr. Whitaker was so impressed with his findings that he helped Dr. Buzenski with Lawyer and Court fees and costs over the course of the next fifteen years, by organizing many fundraising events. Several Medical Professionals voiced individual opinions in favor of the Antineoplaston Treatment.
Dr. Carl Ott of the Memorial Clinic in Olympia, Washington, was treating a brain cancer patient Richard Gribben. In spite of Richard told that he was terminal and the cancer being too advanced and he would have two or possibly three months to live, has greatly improved. Dr. Ott went on to say, “Our Oncologist on staff thinks Burzynski is a quack preying on the desperate. When he saw the results (on Gribbon), he just rather shrugged his shoulders. “Might Gribben have undergone a spontaneous remission?” “I’ve been in practice for ten years” Ott says, “and I see ten people a year with similar problems, and I have never seen a spontaneous remission comparable to this. Some do better than others do, but I have never seen advanced tumors disappear spontaneously like this. I hope they don’t shut Dr. Burzynski down. He has been remarkably effective and non-=toxic for my patient”
Dr. Burzynski is still treating patients with the Antineoplaston Treatment in his Practice in Houston Texas. The FDA has stopped there crusade against him for now, although they have appealed the latest court’s decision.
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