Burro Genius

Topics: Family, American films, English-language films Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: December 9, 2012

During childhood Victor wanted to help his dad make a doghouse so he started hitting boards with the hammer, his dad couldn’t find it and went to Victor and saw him with it, then hit him for fun in the butt with it and called him a turd. He just stalked his dad, like how cats stalk mice. At night his Uncle Archie came over from Oceanside. Victor’s dad took him to the pool hall and pulled down his pants in front of everyone and Victor peed on him, his Uncle pulled his dad off him before his dad could hurt him. His uncle thought that was the greatest thing he ever seen. Victor was at a party, and a blonde comes in she pays and then rides his cousin in the barn. Victor was in the tree and suddenly fell out and started raging and he fell out of the tree and started crying. People laughed at him and he threatened people, someone wanted to break his neck, but Victor’s brother stopped him. Victor was in the car with Chemo and Chemo started driving recklessly downhill and Victor saw a truck going uphill quickly, he begged Chemo to slow down, but he told victor to shut it. And as it sped up Victor jumped out the door and Victor was unconscious he saw his body as if he were dead. Chemo was furious but cared for Victor and asked if he was ok. The truck barely had enough time to dodge them all and saved their lives. Archie and George helped themselves to the liquor in the bar. They seemed to be having a great time, except Tia Tota. Tia Tota and Victor’s father got in an argument. Two days later, they took victor’s brother to the hospital while he was at school. When he got home and found out, he was furious. Victor’s dad kept saying it was all Dr. Hoskins’s Fault. If he hadn’t drunk all the time, he would’ve spotted Joseph’s sickness months ago. Victor had a bad feeling. He thought god was punishing his brother for all the horrible things he has done throughout his life. He agreed his mother was right; God was taking Joseph away from him because he was bad...
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