Burning Magnesium Lab

Topics: Oxygen, Magnesium, Combustion Pages: 4 (1033 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Determining the Empirical Formula of a Compound:

Burning Magnesium Lab

Purpose: To experimentally determine the percent composition of a reaction product.

Work in teams of three. The directions for this lab are on a separate sheet of paper at your lab bench. Make sure that everyone in your group understands the process and purpose before you get started. Assign tasks. Everyone in the group will be expected to contribute at the same level of participation, and for this experiment, each individual will submit a formal lab report. You will be expected to police your own group with regard to safety issues (goggles, burner control, hair tied back, appropriate clothes, no hats, hoods, or headphones) and participation. Your formal lab report must include the following: • Introduction:Include important background information. Don’t forget to mention the type(s) of chemical reaction that took place in your experiment and the characteristics of those reactions. Also, define empirical formula and state how the empirical formula can be confirmed through experimentation. Describe the purpose of your lab. • Methods:List your materials and clearly describe the procedure. • Results:Provide a neat data table and samples of all your calculations. • Discussion:Connect your data and analysis to your purpose/hypothesis. The steps listed below are intended to assist you with completing these four portions of this write-up. YOU WILL NOT BE TURNING IN THE QUESTIONS LISTED BELOW AS SHOWN – RATHER YOU ARE TO INTEGRATE THEM WITHIN YOUR FORMAL LAB WRITE-UP.

General Instructions (A Place to Start):
1. Start your lab by making a data sheet. The mole calculations that you will be making when you write up this lab will be based on the data you record before and after the experiment. Be certain that this data is recorded in an organized manner, with all the appropriate units included. Be as accurate in your measurements as...
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