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Title: Energy Content of Foods
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Background Information:
Heat is energy that transfers from one object to another because of a temperature difference between the objects. Heat is measured in a calorimeter and the units for heat are joules or calories. The calorimeter uses the Law of Conservation of Energy which states that energy is never created or destroyed but is transferred between objects.

Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles an object which is different that the heat which is all the energy in the object. Temperature can be used to calculate heat by looking at the change in temperature.

Energy can be calculated using the formula: Q = mc ∆T. In the formula, Q = the energy in joules or calories, m = the mass in grams, c = specific heat and ∆T = the change in temperature which is the final temperature minus the initial temperature.

The specific heat for water = 1 calorie/gram °C.
The purpose of this lab was to determine the energy content of different foods. Hypothesis:
If different foods are burned, then their energy content can be found, because the energy will be transferred to the water in the calorimeter because of the Law of Conservation of Energy. Materials:

Safety goggles
Food samples
Food holder
Can Calorimeter
Ring Stand
Ring Clamp

Diagram of lab setup:

Get and put on safety goggles.
Measure water (approximately 50 ml) and put in can calorimeter. Measure temperature of water.
Get food sample and put in food holder.
Measure mass of food and food holder.

Graduated Cylinder

6. Light food on fire and put close to bottom of can.
7. Wait for food to burn completely.
8. Measure temperature of water.
9. Measure mass of remaining food and food holder.
10. Empty water from can and throw away food remains....
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