Burning Books

Topics: Khaled Hosseini, Family, Feeling, The Kite Runner, Tree, Trunk / Pages: 4 (787 words) / Published: May 28th, 2013
SEEP: Family relationships cause conflicts which affect Character’s feelings and behaviours

This prompt is really connected to different relationships in The Kite Runner between different characters:
I made a family tree that has green leaves which represent that the relationship has a positive impact on the character’s feelings; while the yellow leaves represent how the relationship has a negative impact on the character’s feelings. The tree trunk is kind of divided into two parts which are sunni and shi’a people. These two parts are the main reason of the conflicts in the story which affect character’s feelings or behaviours. 1) The relationship between Amir and Baba :
This relationship was kind of weak relationship between the father and son and the main reason is that Baba’s wife died when she gave birth to Amir, and Baba blames Amir for this death.
The relationship on the branch between Baba and Amir is represented by yellow leaves and some of green leaves; it shows how these yellow leaves are withered and how Amir is sad because of this relationship. 2) The relationship between Baba and Hassan :
The fact that Hassan is Baba’s son leads Baba to treat his sons equally in all the time, this relationship has a negative impact on Amir because he felt jealous all the time from this relationship.
The branch between Baba and Hassan is full of green leaves which shows how the relationship between them are happiness but around Amir is a yellow leaves which means that he felt jealous and not happy about it. 3) Relationship between Hassan and Ali :
The fact that Hassan is not the biological son of Ali, although Ali has raised Hassan and gave him all the love and tenderness and Hassan never felt that there is something missing from this tenderness. This relationship has a good impact on Hassan which he made him feel happy all the time. We can see how Hassan is happier despite that Ali is not his father, while Amir is not happy

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