Burnay Making

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Burnay (Jar) Making
Mixing Process
Mixing is the first process in burnay making. It is where the clay, sand and water are being combined and mashed by a carabao. The potter first put clay in the mixing hole, the circle one where the mixing process is being taken, and then place immense amount of water and leaved it until morning for the clay to fully absorb the water. Next mixed sand the let carabao mashes the mixture until it becomes sticky.

Molding Process
The “bibilan” or “potter’s wheel” is the medium being used in molding the burnay or jar. Before putting some clay and embark molding a jar, the potter sprinkles some fine sand to the top of the potter’s wheel. It is being done to have a friction, thus it will be easy to take out the molded burnay in the potter’s wheel. The potter’s wheel is manually operated by the foot of the potter. Using his skillful hands, the potter molds and designs the burnay or jar.

Drying Process
Drying process takes place right after molding burnay ceased. It takes two to three days for the burnay or jar to be totally dried. This process improves the form and shape of a burnay or jar and also accelerates the quality output. It is a way of preparing the burnay or jar for the next procedure which is cooking.

Cooking Process
After the drying process, the burnay or jar will be placed in the “urno” or “dragon kiln”. It is called “dragon kiln” because of its roof which is designed with dragon’s scales. This dragon kiln is fifty (50) meters long and more than four (4) feet high. The burnay or jar is baked or cooked for twenty four (24) hours in more or less two thousand ( 2000 ) degree Celsius heat. This process is the most essential one because it would speak out whether or not the burnay or jar was successfully made with high quality. It needs a careful attention of a potter to make sure that he gives intense supervision in managing this process.

Cooling Process
To finish completely burnay making, it needs to be...
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