Burn and Degree Burns

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Burns There are many different types of burns. Within those types there are three degrees: first, second, third, and fourth. Fourth degree burns are not recognized by all professionals so only first, second, and third will be covered here. The most common, or basic, types of burns are from overexposure to the sun, exposure to heat such as fire, and chemical burns. For each degree of burn there are different treatments and procedures on how to deal with the burns properly. Third degree burns require much more intensive care than first degree burns. Sunburns are one of the most well known types of burn, especially to people who are extremely fair complected. Overexposure to the sun without the proper sunblock can cause first, second, and/ or third degree burns. The terms and/or are used because a person can actually obtain multiple degrees of burns at once. Prevention of sunburns is easy. Staying out of the sun is the best way to avoid sunburn. Since most people cannot stay out of the sun all of the time, there are other ways to lessen the chance of getting this type of burn. Wearing protective clothing such as long sleeves, even when swimming, hats and wearing sunblock are all simple prevention measures. Burns from fire, though not quite as common as sunburns, are known more for their severity. The time that the body is actually in the “line of fire” and the temperature of the fire will determine the severity of the burn. Minor first degree burns are common with flash flame, meaning the person is only exposed to the flame for a short amount of time. In instances of a flash burn, a person is exposed to the flame for an extended amount of time. This can lead to second and third degree burns, which take a lot longer to heal than first degree burns. To prevent exposure to flames follow all safety precautions in the home to ensure a fire is not started, e.g. do not fall asleep with a cigarette or with candles burning, watch any open fires such as the fireplace

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