burglary report

Topics: 24th century Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: May 1, 2014
I, Officer Nazeri, in full uniform and marked patrol vehicle on April 1, 2014 at 1400 HRS responded to a dispatched call regarding a BURGLARY at 2340 San Leandro Way, Carmichael, CA 95885. The residence is a gray two-story SFR. I contacted the victim, Jensen, at the residence who related the following in summary:


“I came home at 1130 HRS and noticed the front door ajar. My bedroom had dumped out drawers and things moved around. Missing new/in box Blue Ray DVD player from kitchen table along with $300/cash and a box of Snap-On tools (sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.) from garage. Nothing else. Report needed for insurance. They got in by side garage door by prying open. Garage to house left unlocked”.


“Didn’t see anything or anyone suspicious. At 1000 HRS a guy knocked on my door selling magazines. He had no paperwork and gave me the “creeps” because he looked like a “druggie”. On foot and didn’t see where he went after we talked”.


18-25 years
Eyes (Brown)
Hair (Brown “buzzed” cut)
Unshaven, Med Complexion
Blue Jeans/Long Sleeve brown shirt/black tennis shoes


North facing SFR with Palm Trees near front entrance. Point of entry at side door facing East behind wood fence facing West. Tool pry marks noted on door including door jam. Black footprint indicated at center of door. Garage interior door unlocked/not damaged.


Contacted neighbor (witness), Michaels, at 2343 San Leandro Way Left business card at 2341 & 2342 San Leandro Way
CSI contacted (poss prints & footprint at west side door)
Gave Property Form to victim (if addtl missing discovered)

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