Burger Tycoon: a Real World Application

Topics: Cattle, Livestock, Total quality management Pages: 6 (2248 words) Published: December 16, 2010
Burger Tycoon: A Real World Application
Burger Tycoon is an online strategy games on addictinggames.com that mirrors real life operations from the farm to the feedlot, and from the franchise to the corporate headquarters. It gives students a hands-on chance to rule their own burger empire from the comfort of their own home or dorm room. Before playing this game, I did not realize how complex the process is behind making a hamburger and that making money in a big corporation is not a simple task what-so-ever. Burger Tycoon manages production in four parts of the world. There is an agricultural, feedlot, fast food and corporate section. As a burger tycoon, every sector needs to be supervised.

The agricultural sector took a lot of time and practice to manage effectively. Pastures and soy culture need a lot of land, and our cities would essentially go under if we had to rear all the cattle in South America where the game is taking place. The idea is to conquer the land as our forefathers before us did. There is free land available to buy to create either pasture or soy cultures. I would start out by purchasing two pastures and three soy fields. I started by cutting down a forest for a two thousand dollar save, but had to feel the wrath of the environmentalists. When buying a pasture, one can increase the terrain productivity by rearing more cows in the same area, but in order for the fertility to stay higher it is important to keep the cow numbers lower on each pasture. If there are too many cows in one pasture then the land will spoil, sicken the cows, and ultimately the pasture will spoil. Once a saw that a pasture would be close to spoiling, I reduced the number of cows to zero, to let the pasture recover and become healthy again. That is why I started out slowly and had no more than two cows on a single pasture. Once I really started progressing and bought more pastures, I would sometimes keep just one cow per pasture. When utilizing soy culture, the terrain productivity increases through the use of genetically modified plants. Genetically modified plants allow us to use more aggressive pesticides to minimize insect damage. As a result, for each soy field I bought, I made sure to genetically modify them.

The feedlot was the most difficult sector for me to manage. As Americans, we love fat and greasy hamburgers. They are a staple in today’s society. However, the cows that come from the pastures are not overweight, and are very slim. This means that they do not yield any fat meat, which results in having to keep them in the feedlot for months and have to overindulge them with hyperchaloric soy based fodder. It was a challenge to make sure that there was sufficient fodder for all the cows and to avoid the possible epidemics. They are automatically slaughtered when they are fat enough. The trick is trying to make them fatten more quickly. I filled the cows with hormones to fatten them quicker even though it could have some risks to consumer health. I felt that it would be more beneficial to my business to get them in and out of the feedlot quicker. Another difficulty was making sure that the diseased cows were not killed before being slaughtered because that would result in food poisoning. I stayed away from the animal flour, which was made from organic matter that could not be used for each cow slaughtered. It caused too many problems and caused a disease called BSE. The cattleman oversees the feedlot and alerted me of any problems. Usually, it would be that the cistern was full. The cistern stores the soy-based fodder. When the cistern was full, I would sell soy field or two because I was producing more soy than I needed and used it for a pasture instead.

The fast food sector was difficult in making sure that the employees were constantly motivated. I kept my employees happy by awarding them a badge if they were doing a good job. If there spitting in the food or angry, I would discipline them. If they did not...
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