Burger's Gun Control Analysis

Topics: United States, United States Constitution, Gun politics in the United States Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: August 8, 2008
Does the government have the right to regulate guns? According to former Chief Justice Warren E. Burger it does. In his article, published in the January 14, 1990, issue of Parade, titled The Right to Bear Arms, Warren feels that changes need to be made to the second amendment of our constitution in order to save peoples lives. He opens the essay with a statistic that states that many of the United State’s major centers have up to ten times the murder rate of all of Western Europe.

Warren then proceeds to give some background information on the second amendment. According to Warren the second amendment came from a fear of a “national” or “standing” army. The amendment was meant so that each state could form a militia instead of having a large national army. The national army was limited to just 840 men so there was a need for militia back then, now we have a huge national defense establishment and no longer have the need for a militia. He then goes on to explain how many of the original settlers need firearms to get food and protect themselves from the natives. Warren makes it clear that Americans should have the right to defend their homes, or that sporting guns are not an issue. His problem is with the “Saturday night specials” and machine guns which are not recreational weapons and he feels that they should be regulated as much as motor vehicles.

Warren claims that there needs to be more regulations on gun ownership to decrease the murder rate in the United States. He believes that people have the right to defend their homes as well as go hunting but does not like all the deaths that happen due to guns. To him the second amendment of the Constitution is outdated and no longer applies to the present day United States.

In support of his claim, Warren states that many United States centers have ten times the murder rate of Western Europe. This is a good statistic to throw out; it shows that another country is better in some way then the USA, which hits...

Cited: Rottenberg, A and Winchell, D., Elements of Argument, A Test and Reader-Eighth Edition, 2006
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