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Topics: Max Weber, Health care, Scientific method Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: February 17, 2015
During the last two weeks discussions and readings ,I realized that even everyone complaints in our daily activity about’ bureaucracy ‘the concept is not really clear for all.I can consider myself more close to the real meaning only about reading all examples and theories. Max Weber (1958)brought up the bureaucracy term intending to be a base for’ theorizing how work can be done in large groups’ and his theory is considered valid till today,even Weber itself was sure that ‘ideal bureaucracy’did not exist.(Robbins and Coulter ,2012:31,Sullivan and Decker 2000:13). Reflecting on my daily activity and work place ,I realized that my organization is following principles of bureaucracy .As a private hospital providing emergency care, I can observe clear hierarchical authority structure,according to the level of authority .On the top is the CEO followed by Directors while the maintenance staff or healthcare assistants are on the bottom of the organizational ladder. . We are all following the same rules,policy and procedures manuals,medical by law or pathways in order to bring the best safe practice for our clients.Division of labour is observed in patient care where nurses, physicians ,dietitians,or physical therapist are all working for the benefit of the client but with different job descriptions and specific assignments related to direct care.Technical competence of the staff ,is observed in hiring process ,when high skilled professionals are in great need for specialized area ,in order to provide the best approach for the clients health problem.
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