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Bureaucracy literally called ‘rule by officials’, which is an administrative machinery of the government. Accordance with the division of functions and positions, hierarchical management principles established system of administrative power. Bureaucratic systems were to be structured hierarchically, with those at the top having far greater power and discretion than those at the bottom. There are four structural concepts are central to any definition of bureaucracy: 1. A well-defined division of administrative labour among persons and offices, 2. A personnel system with consistent patterns of recruitment and stable linear careers, 3. A hierarchy among offices, such that the authority and status are differentially distributed among actors, and 4. Formal and informal networks that connect organizational actors to one another through flows of information and patterns of cooperation. In bureaucracies, people were grouped with those who did the same work. There was a workgroup leader and a number of people who reported to the leader. The workgroup leader planned, allocated, controlled and coordinated the work.

Characteristics of modern bureaucratic system
According to Weber's summary, the modern bureaucratic system has the following characteristics: 1.Normative, inside a fixed and official jurisdiction has theoretical principles, the principle of this theory generally provided for accordance with laws and regulations, that is regulations by law or administrative regulations. Daily activities should be as an official task to assign a fixed manner. Powers of Orders are on the material, theocracy and other coercion ways to control the laws and regulations strictly. 2.Hierarchical, between the upper and lower levels have a strict hierarchy within; the organization positions are arranged in accordance with the power to form a tight chain of command. 3.Recruitment specification, all posts have a certain requirements; members are based on...
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