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A form of structure to be fond in many large-scale organisations is bureaucracy. Its importance in the development of organisation theory means that it is often regarded as a sub-division under the classical heading.

* Main characteristics of Bureaucracy:
Weber did not actually define Bureaucracy but did attempt to identify the main characteristics of this type of organisation: * The tasks of the organisation are allocated as official duties among the various positions. * There is an implied clear-cut division of labour and a high level of specialisation * A hierarchical authority applies to the organisation of offices and positions. * Employment by the organisation is based on technical qualifications and constitutes a lifelong career for the officials.

Advantage of Bureaucracy:
Top-level managers in bureaucratic organizational structures exercise a great deal of control over organizational strategy decisions, which is ideal for business owners with a command and control style. Strategic decision-making time can be shorter in a tall organizational structure, since less individuals are involved in the process.

Facts of Bureaucracy:
Bureaucratic organizational structures have numerous layers of management, cascading down from senior executives to regional managers to departmental managers, all the way down to shift supervisors who work alongside frontline employees.

* Criticisms of Bureaucracy:
Web er's concept of bureaucracy has a number of disadvantages and has been subjects to severe critism: _ The over_emphasis on rules and procedures, record keeping and paperwork may become more important in its own right. _ Officials may be developed a dependence upon bureaucracy status, symbols and rules. _ Initiative may be stifled and when a situation is not covered by a comlete set of rules or procedures there may be a lack of flexibility or adaptation to changing circumstances.

* Sometimes webber's work is associated with the ideas...
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