Bunker Hill Winner

Topics: Battle of Bunker Hill, Massachusetts, American Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Who Was the Winner of Bunker Hill?

Who won the battle at Bunker Hill? Many say that it was a moral win for the Americans. Others argue that the battle at Bunker Hill was in some ways a victory for the British. Both the American strategy and British strategy played huge roles in who “won” the Battle of Bunker Hill. According to the Americans they won, but according to the British the British won. The Americans only partially accomplished their strategy, but they had a moral win of the battle. The first part of their strategy was to get to Charlestown, Massachusetts. The Americans had spies in the British encampment that reported back to Cambridge, Massachusetts where the American headquarters,that the British were heading to Charleston (Ingram 14). Warned of this plan, the Americans built defenses atop Bunker Hill (Stuckey 190). The Americans dug trenches to hide from the British when they approached the top of the hill (Bunker Hill, Battle of). Americans soldiers weren’t firing at the British while the the bRitish were at the bottom of the hill, to conserve firearms. The Americans started to fire as the British were only a few yards away from the top of the hill where the (Bunker Hill, Battle of). Americans needed to conserve their fire arms. The command that the Americans were given by the troops commander was don’t shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes. He gave command this because of the lack of gunpowder. In the end the americans were slowly forced to retreat from Bunker Hill (Stuckey 191). Page 1 The British partially accomplished their strategy, they ultimately won Bunker Hill. Like the Americans, the British had the goal to control Bunker Hill, but they also wanted to expand their control past Boston to Charlestown. Their plan started with the thought of controlling high ground. Other British men had the thought of trying...
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