Bullying Report

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Bullying Report
Marnae Harris
December 9, 2014
Ronald Grant

Bullying Report

Bullying has become an ongoing issue due to the lack of knowledge on it or the lack of care for the situation. Bullying can lead to many different things such as physical injury, social problems, emotional problems, and even death. It has become a very high risk situation inside children and adolescent age group. With bullying being such a high risk matter studying it will only help understand and find a solution to the issue at hand, which is to help save lives and protect are youth. Many people have experience some kind of bullying and many have watch some form of it but most do not understand or know that it is bullying they see. Some adults see it as children playing or horsing around until things go escalate into major problems. Bullying has some major risk in children and adolescent life due to bullying substance use, academic problems, and violence could happen to others later on in life. Three Components of Bullying

These risks have become the reason why we should study bullying in human development. What sets bullying apart from mean behavior is the intended to harm their targets and its usually repeated behavior. Three components types of bullying are power imbalance, repetitive actions, and intentional actions. These behaviors come out in tactics bullies use to attack their victim like physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational aggression and cyber bullying. Physical bullies use force and body strength to overpower their victims. Verbal bullies intimidate and harm their victims using words. This type of bullying may go unnoticed and unreported for long period of time. Relational bullies work to damage a victim’s social status and relationships with others. This also another unnoticed bullying type.
Gender and sexual orientation influence style of Bullying
Cyber bullying use electronic forums- such as email and social networking sites-to harass their victims. One of the most consistent research findings is that boys are more likely to both bully and be bullied than girls. Boys and girls experience different types of bullying behaviors such boys are more into direct bullying were girls are usually involved indirect bullying through a peer group. Boys can be a bit more physical when it comes to bullying were girls are very verbal. Another example of bullying experienced more often by girls than boys is sexual like touching in private parts or received sexual message. Students with disabilities are more likely to be the victims of bullying. Homosexual and bisexual teens are more likely to report bullying than heterosexual teens. How self esteem affect by Bullying

Most children with higher self-esteem are less likely to be bullied because of their confidence in their self keeps them from being a target, were as a person who is less confidence, not a social person and keeps to their self will be mostly a target for bullying. When being bullied it brings down self-esteem to very low point and it’s hard to being back up if no one knows this person struggle or problem with being bullied. Teachers and parents most pay attention to signs of physical signs like bruise or missing school do to invented illnesses, sleeping problems, poor concentration, bed wetting, and unexpected changes in routine. These things come with ongoing bullying and the affects of them. The effect of bullying on a child’s self-esteem can be devastating long after the bullying stops. A child who only been bullied once can suffer long-lasting effects. The child will often feel lonely, isolated and unsafe. When child self-esteem becomes severely damaged, he or she may choose to avoid friends and family altogether.

Families affected by Bullying
Children that are also belittled over something they can’t possibly change, such as their height, skin color or other physical...

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