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Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Self-esteem Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Persuasive Essay.
Everyday the boy wakes up dreading his days in high school that are supposed to be the ‘best years of his life’, but instead he can’t walk through the halls without being laughed at or picked on by anyone who gets the chance. Students may see it happen but they are too scared to speak out or stand up against the bully with the fear that they themselves with become bullied. Schools need to have a stricter no-bullying policy that includes punishment in the real world for online harassment because with how things are now, people are still getting bullied and there is really nothing stopping them and that can lead to low self confidence issues and or depression, and people growing up thinking they’re worthless, people turning to self harm or, in extreme situations, suicide, and when someone says something online, there is really no getting rid of it, it will be there forever, for anyone to see and use against the victim.

Now a days, teens have so many things making it hard for them to accept themselves for who they are. If you add to that someone bullying them, it could lead to them developing, or the worsening of, self confidence issues or depression. An example of this is shown in an article on Global Post, that says that, “...a child who is bullied enough can lose any sort of self-esteem or confidence she ever had.” If a bully tells someone they are ugly and stupid on a regular basis, their self-esteem will start to suffer and they will begin to see these negative comments as truthful. Also said on Global Post, “The more a bully taunts a child, the more her self-esteem suffers and the more she begins to believe that what her bully says is true.” This might cause them to experience social issues such as withdrawing from their friends and family, no longer attending fun events or even leaving the house because they no longer believe anyone wants to spend any time with them.

Lately people have become a lot more sensitive to certain things,...
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