Bullying in the work place

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Bullying in the work place
Social Psychology
Wanda Williams
DR Evans

The term work place Bullying did not reach the United States until the late 1990's. The husband and wife team Dr's Gary and Ruth Namie both trained in Psychology introduced work place bullying. You may ask what Work Place Bullying is. Work Place Bullying has many different definitions but the most common one. It is constant ill-treatment of one employee who is under attack by one or more employees with a mean mix of humiliation, intimidation and damage of performance. It includes being ridiculed in the presence of other employees, being lied about to others. You always have that feeling being on guards at all times. Not being able to focus on work task, loss of self-confidence on the job, out of control an anxiety, being continually left out of the loop, continually being criticized for no reason at all. Work Place bullies use their authority to undermine, frighten, or intimidate another person, often leaving the victim feeling fearful, powerless, incompetent, and ashamed. (Bullying At Work - Book by Andrea Adams & Neil Crawford (1992)) describes bulling at the work place is like a malignant cancer. It creeps up on you long before you or anyone else are able to appreciate what is that making you feel the ill effects. Yet despite the fact that the majority of the adult population spends more waking hours than anywhere else, the disturbing manifestation of adult bullying, in this particular context, are widely dismissed. (Adams 1992, p9) We cannot get workplace bullying confused with everyday disagreements at work, or sometimes loud arguments or just having a bad day. It's also not work place bullying when giving a fair and honest evaluation to a poor performing employee. Work place bullying behavior is not easily identified because they do their work secretly, on the outside they seem to be nice, civil and cooperative, at the same time they are doing everything they can to chip away at the one they have targeted. Bullying is not about personality difference, misunderstanding, or miscommunication (Name & Name 2000). How do you identify a Bully? Bullies do have a profile; Bully's use surprise and silence to gain leverage. They are never interested in meeting anyone half way. They are constantly practicing psychological violence through insults, belittling comments, name calling, cutting ones out of communications, constant criticism, blame and sabotage. In almost every case A Bully's action will always affect the person negatively on an emotional level. They have difficulty in interpersonal relationships. Bullies often ignore request from others, deadlines come and go, and simple differences of opinions turns into major arguments. They lack sympathy towards others. Bully also have a lack of emotional intelligence, they do not understand how to respond to their social surroundings. They are incapable of disagreeing without being disagreeable. There are over 75 different types of Bullying behavior (Field 1996), but the common ones are, from social bantering, to teasing verbal abuse, blame humiliation, constant criticism, monopolizing supplies, stealing credit for work done by the victim, Personal and professional mocking, aggressive emails or notes, and black mail. Etc. Bullies rarely just rely on one tactic and almost never resort to violence, as they do not want to lose their job. The most popular tactic is gossiping leaving the employee defenseless and unable to defend him/her self. Please take note that work place bullying can occur or happen on all levels in an organization. Bullies can be superiors, subordinates, co-workers, and colleagues (Davenport, Schwartz and Elliot, 1999) I have experienced work place bullying in 2010 at my place of employment. What I experienced, companies are familiar with sexual and racial harassment, and we have a policy in place for those specific situations in...
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