Bullying in schools

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Sexual harassment Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: October 26, 2014
Bullying in Schools
Anna M. Drozdik
Ashworth College
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Bullying in Schools
Imagine walking to your classroom and hearing a group of friends snickering and whispering in your direction. You immediately look away trying not to acknowledge them but can’t help but wonder if they are talking about you. Are they planning on making your day miserable by bullying you? This could be a very similar thought that many students in school deal with on a daily basis. I have personally dealt with this embarrassment when I was in school. Most adults can recall a time when they were teased or made fun of when they were an adolescent. Bullying in schools ultimately affects the bullied or victim. This may result in risky behaviors that may be harmful to the bullied during their youth or even into adulthood. It can even impact the bully by leading them on a troubled journey. The school’s own environment can be changed dramatically. Students may be more willing to act out if there is a lack of respect among peers and adults. This is why bullying in schools needs to be taken seriously and requires appropriate actions from teachers and staff. Children who play the roles of victims and bullies grow up to have a wide range of mental disorders. Bullying can increase the risk of anxiety disorders, depression, panic disorders, and even suicidal behaviors (Childhood...

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